At her core, Nathalie Pham, thrives of learning and exploring new territories from mental spaces (topics) to physical spaces (countries) and helping people.  Art and technology have been fundamental to her. by Technology constantly provides new challenges via new gadgets and tools, while art provides the solid philosophical background.  She loves to learn and teach both in the classroom and in the corporate world. This shared love has brought her to travel via her bike to meet new people, and gaining insights into other cultures. Those rich experiences provide the fertile soil to build concept in technology for different user behaviors that simplify the user experience for the people life.


She uses her digital experience and graphic arts acumen to solve her client’s problems in online media. Having worked as web producer, front-end developer, designer, creative director and user experience lead on over 100 projects for both large corporations and small businesses since the .dot define Nathalie’s approach to highly functional and simple user-experiences  and digital ideas.

In her recent position as VP, UX Lead and Associate UX Director, Publicis North-America, she defined and formulated UX process and experiences for Abbott, AXA Financial, P&G Digestive Wellness & HomeCare and Garnier.   She has supported upper management in new business pitches and selling best UX practises into the various teams.



Nathalie’s experience as both a fine arts sculptor and web portal designer gives her creative insight into solving difficult programming problems.

In 2007,  Nathalie developed an application for TV producers to streamline the process of managing and tracking royalty-assigned music backgrounds and cues in a live or live-to-tape setting. The challenge was making selections available instantly to multiple producers working in multiple locations while ensuring songs were never repeated (and royalties were correctly applied)The inventive concept and design, built using Nathalie’s schema, navigation and user interfaces, was put through its paces in the high-profile, high-pressure setting of the NBC broadcast of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.  NBC subsequently bought exclusive rights to the beta version.

Born in 1977 in Germany of Vietnamese parents, Nathalie brings the combined artistic and cultural influences of Asia, Europe and America to her aesthetic sensibility and cultural awareness for advertisement campaigns. In middle school she showed an exceptional aptitude for art and won already the second placement in the Europe-Wide National Painting competition for Germany, the Congressional Award in High School, and scholarships for San Francisco Art Institute and the Center for Creative Studies, MI.

Nathalie emigrated to the United States while still in high school. She obtained her MFA in sculpture from Parsons School of Design and her BFA from University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). Nathalie’s work and worldview encompass the sensibilities of the three cultures that shaped her youth and young adulthood.  Her visual works have been exhibited nation-wide including at the Newark Museum, and she was commissioned for a Public Art Work by the City of New York.