July 18, 2013 Day 5: Cruising Along

There is a great saying that the beauty of cycling is that it can be a group sport or solo sport. Today it was more of a solo sport. I was very exhausted from the last few days.  Sore and sleepy and not really in the mood to have company. During our morning cue sheet review, Pete mentioned a few hills until we get to Grand View. The rest of today’s ride would be flat. I was so happy to hear the word “flat.”

It was a rocking cycling day. I listened to my pretty shabby music selection, singing along while no one next to me. The music kept me at a fast and consistent pace of 19 mph on flats and 7-8 mph on hills.  When I saw a lodge I stopped to try their pies. It seems to be the big thing here in Alaska and each lodge has its own homemade pie. I am sure there is a map just for the best pies in Alaska.

We arrived at the Grand View after climbing another killer incline. I surprised myself with how strong and determined I was to pedal up each hill. It was completely worth the suffering. We were surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks with a magnificent view of the valley.

In the evening I arrived only 15 minutes late to camp. It surprised me since I left 2-3 hours after the rest of the group that morning. Our campsite was a part of a lodge. It was quite different from the other places we've stayed. It reminded me of a Vermont lodge with its rustic decor, stone walls,  romantic fireplace, several dining rooms and greenhouse where Maple, the lodge innkeeper, grew all of the vegetables for our dinner.

In the morning, Maple sold me about 5 pounds of fresh Alaskan salmon (king) for Phil and I, who had cooking duties.  She told us that most Alaskan salmon is shipped off so that Alaskans can only buy imported salmon or go fishing for it.

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