July 21, 2013 Day 8 Epilogue: Chivalry: (Maybe Not) A Dying Art



New York is known for its cynical women.  The stereotype says that we expect the worst of them. The show/movie Sex in the City is a pretty close portrayal of dating in NYC.

I would never have thought of Alaska as a place with smoking hot, attractive young men who are charming and extremely polite. Maybe the disparity between the male and female ratio may bring out even more chivalry. Or, I am still a cynical New Yorker who is not used to sheer human kindness.

Here I was, sharing time and space with other men without having any expectations or worries. I felt free to be me: no pressure or need to guard myself.

Like Chris, tonight, Lucas came to help me and share a bit of himself. He helped me get Jamie and my heavy, loaded panniers to my cabin and invited me to join them later at the bar for dinner. After I rested and finally reached normal body temperature, I went over to the other building where the bar was located.

His story started in Minnesota, but he moved to Alaska to join his friends who had a dog rescue a few miles (few miles are 50-plus miles in Alaska) down the road.  Apparently, something tragic happened that ruined the friendship and left him stranded at the lake campgrounds.  It took a while for him to recover. He found various ways to make his living and eventually built his own lodge.  He was just 3-4 years younger than me and yet so content with his life (except for the lack of women). His love was his dogs, cycling in the morning and working outdoors.  That is what life and happiness meant to him.  I was truly jealous that he knew what life was about for him.

At the end of the evening he invited me to join his friends at a bonfire at his lodge. It was tempting and sounded so romantic - Alaska, the wilderness, a lodge and beer at night (hopefully without a bear!).  It deeply  saddened me to decline it.

He gave me a hand kiss and in the morning, cycled with me to the lodge where I would meet up with my group. There was no cynicism in our flirtation and not followed by the typical NYC offer β€œto go to your place or mine?"

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